The Lives & Loves of Justin Salmon

This little book about is about myself, & is really just a diary about the things that I've been up to lately. The Good's the bad and the really horrible. So just lie back, pour yourself a glass of wonder, and stroll down my present life with me.

Yes! This is me dressed as batman at my Brothers, Wives, 21 Birthday Party. But after my 3rd pint I realised that there wasn't a zip or fly. It just seems some-times that the more I try, the harder I get mocked. 

This is Captain Jack Sparrow, aka, Cory Harding. His Big sister Lydia dressed as the Ballerina behind with her Dad. My Brother the Cowboy! Joel... That was 3 years ago in 2005. It's crazy how the time is just flying by, since I reached 30, and it's not like I do that much to keep myself occupied all the time. Tick, Tick - Toc goes the sound of my life rushing by.

It's really a shame that I have all this technology at the age of 38 as I've only got a few dog eared photo's of my past. I wish I could have had my digital camera and a website to create a proper video diary of my life. I know I can do it from now, but I've missed so much wonder. Bands that I've been in. Playing live at Nottingham festival. To many things to mention.

But chin up, and lets be glad that I do have this technology now, and I can create a video diary of all of my favourite things after 38 years. So Please - Enjoy...

As well as being website Manager for Calendar lady & C L Promotions I also have my own local radio show called Justin & Phils Acoustic Sessions on Forrest of Dean radio 1521/1503 MW, every Saturday evening at 6pm.

I used to be in a band called The deBuchias with the singer from i am kloot, John Arnold Harold Bramwell.

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