Superman above & batman below

My New Comic Book Art Adventure.
When we pick up a comic book from the News Agents or the bus station. We never really look to see how complicated the drawings actually are.
So I'm having a little course in Comic Book Art, and I will post my progress on this wall.
I hope you can bear with me as it's a lot harder than I first thought...
So lie back, pour yourself some sunshine, and join my on my quest to draw the best Super-Hero that I possibly can in due course.

So this is how I Start a simple pencil drawing of Batman. I mark out where the eye's ears and mouth are going to be with a light pencil. Then when I'm happy that everything is in proportion, I go over it in permanent ink. Then going on to add some more shading for the shadows. Until you have the finished article:

I feel that I should totally black out the mask, but I feel it would take a lot of the 3 dimensions out of the picture. As I mentioned before. It's been filled in with charcoal, then rubbed out to create a grey/black textured effect.

The Simpsons

I thought comic book art wouldn't be complete without the most famous comic strip in the world. The Simpsons. I've tried to draw them while watching an episode on youtube, but I've messed up a lot of the proportions, but managed to hide it a little so it's not so recognisable. But as I've said from the start. All these pictures were my first attempt, as I only took up drawing about 10 days ago. So not bad for an ameatuer.

When I was in Junior School I loved drawing, as most Children do. But I was really good, as so was my brother. But when I went up to the Comprehensive school our art teacher was gay, which really quite put me off. So I took up the guitar instead. I got my G.C.S.E. But my Brother got his 'A' Level, and is really good. I just wished I'd have stayed with it. But it's never too late. I'm gonna be a comic book artist. Well, I'm never gonna get to be Superman, so I may as well spend my days drawing him.

The Simpsons are quite easy to draw, free hand. I didn't need any pencil markings like I did with the Super-Hero Art-work, except a little on Maggie.

Below is a Colour Painting of SpiderMan as a Baby! It's amazing what you start to come up with once you take that first step towards greatness. As I said before, I was under the impression that I was a talented Song/Writer, not an artist. But I've really surprised myself. Not that I haven't got a long way to go. But I think the foundations are there...

Oil Painting of Myself

Drawing is hard enough, but painting is a whole different ball game entirely. Plus there is a lot of fear with paint. As with a pencil, you feel confident knowing that you have an eraser and can always rub out any mistakes. But with paints, especially oils, it's very difficult.

But don't despair! Remember that practice makes perfect. I'm now very good with paint for all the reasons above. That's why a friend, Neil Lloyd did this painting for me for my 24 Birthday. I think it's brilliant. It's just a shame I haven't that head of hair any longer. But we all get older.

Anyway, below is another drawing of Superman, but this time I have added a little colour to it using permanent marker pens. I think it makes all the difference.

Animations - alien-01
Animations - angry barbarian
Animations - atom