Doctor Who & The Vampires Of Monte Carlo

It was never as easy as anyone made out thought Martin as he dug another small hole and proceeded to plant another of the bulbs his wife was making him plant.

"We're going to win the Monte Carlo Flowers in Bloom competition this year I can smell it". He hated gardening at the best of times but he'd arrived late home after meeting a couple of friends for a drink after work, and if he didn't finish this by the time she got back at 11pm, his life wouldn’t be worth living, and it was 10:30 now and had been dark about 20 mines. Lucky it was late June or he wouldn't have had the light for that long...

He could hear some whispering in the distance, or was it the wind. He put his mind quickly back to his wife and what if she was her returning home early.

Just as he was lowering what seemed like the 100th bulb into the ground he heard a flower pot smash behind him.

He turned quickly nervously expecting to see a cat or a Fox, but instead of anything simple, or rational, he saw just this.

There was a dark figure who captivated his entire body, he couldn’t move. The figure sauntered closer, and closer. Then in the darkness he could just about make out a large bright smile, no not a smile, a snarl with fangs, no normal teeth, just big long, sharp fangs....

The creature had Martian in a head lock and was just about to bite down on his neck when he heard a whistle from his right. They both looked up to see a tall man in his Late 50’s with slightly greying hair standing about 10 feet away in a full length RAF overcoat, and holding a crossbow pointed at them. "Duck", the man shouted. As he pulled the trigger and the arrow flew into the creatures head, she caught fire and turned to ash.

Martian just stood there astonished.

"Don’t just stand there", the man roared in an American accent, "there are more of them, lots more". "Get inside and board up the doors. If you have a crucifix you’re going to need it. If you have any garlic, put it around the windows and doors, and if you have enough, put the rest around your neck".

Just as he finished his last sentence another one of them came out of nowhere knocking him off his feet. The creature grabbed an arrow from the crossbow that had fallen to the floor and stabbed it into his shoulder. The man screamed, "No way lady". With this he lifted his hand over his shoulder and into the rucksack that was on his shoulder, and pulled out a hand carved wooden steak that he immediately stabbed into the female creature's heart. She fired up into a blaze and turned to ash.

He quickly got to his feet as a third of the creatures showed itself, snarling like a deranged wolf.

He grabbed a small flask from his side, opened the top and said to the creature, "OK I know when I’m beaten. But you wont deny a dying man a last drink" with this the man took a large swig as the creature moved towards him with amazing speed and he spat the liquid into her face.

The creature screamed. Her face began to melt and just like the last one, burst into flames and turned to dust.

"Sorry Pal", the man said, smiling. "Holy water", cheers.

As the man turned his head towards his shoulder to pull out the arrow he didn’t see Martin's wife grab the crossbow and fired it into his head.

Chapter One - Arrival

The TARDIS was swirling through the time vortex and the Doctor was sat at a small table, with a pack of cards, complaining how easy the game patience was! It's just a simple deduction of the root squared by the first colour your dealt, of course subtracting the equation that was less of 2 3/4's of 52, being the number in a standard pack of cards.

"Doctor" Rose interrupted sounding very annoyed.

"Yes"? The Doctor replied.

"Do you have to bring us tiny little human beings down, with our stupid little time consuming games that get us no-where - and besides, if you want to impress me, - you can use that number magic you seem to have and take me to a casino".

"Ahh said the Doctor", been banned from all casino's and all gambling outlets throughout all of time and space"

"Who by" asked Rose attentively.

"The Time Lords" Replied the Doctor.

"Well Sorry as I am about their demise Doctor, but their not around anymore, so no one would know"?

"What and abuse my time lord privileges to beat big time casino's probably run by gangsters"?

"Vegas or Monte Carlo" Grinned the Doctor -

No sooner had he said this, he was flicking switches here, and pulling leavers there. "Rose that blue flashing button"? "Press it now"!!!!

The TARDIS slowed down, twisted back on itself and changed direction.

Back inside the TARDIS, as it came to a crashing halt, Rose and the Doctor were thrown forward.

But they just looked at each other, giggling like a couple of children who were told not to laugh at the tea table.

"Here we are"! "Monte Carlo, 2208. The home to the universes largest casino"

"Are you telling me that Monte Carlo will always be home to Casino's and gambling. I kind of feel sorry for the French, a little bit"

"Who said anything about the French"? "We're on the planet Monte Carlo. They haven’t allowed gambling on earth since the late 22nd century. Come on, are you coming or not"?

The Doctors childish impatience always made her smile. How could a man of 900 years old be so child like she thought.

"What can you tell me about the planet Monte Carlo then Doctor" asked Rose, now sounding just as excited.

"Well" Said the Doctor. "It has 7 moons, 6 space stations, 5 Time agent academies, 4 dilithium mines, 3 Tv station networks, 2 royals, a teenage king and a partridge in a pair tree. Seriously, in the welcome gardens, a real partridge that just sits at the top of a pear tree. It’s great".

Rose just smiled as the Doctor grabbed his long jacket from where it hung, and headed for the door, Rose just a step behind as eager as he was to get out and have a look at the future planet Monte Carlo...

The TARDIS door swung open and out peered the Doctor followed by Rose. The view was incredible. The Skyscrapers here were made from some sort of glass panelling, and climbing high in the sky.

Rose asked the Doctor what they were.

"Fully self sufficient this City Rose, it’s amazing. The glass panels are on every single one of the buildings. Each one is designed to pull in the Suns rays and store them and eventually turning them into power. The City haven’t paid an electric bill in over 700 years, but Council tax is amazingly high".

They walked along the street a while when they came to a man on the side of the street with three cards, probably running a con.

The Doctor walked over to him. He showed the man his Psychic paper which seemed to convince the man that the Doctor had plenty of money. "Right", said the man. "This is a little game I call find the lady". With that the man showed the Doctor and Rose and the small crowd that was accumulating around them, just 3 cards. Two of them were aces and one was the Queen of Hearts. "All I'm going to do" said the man, "is mix them up slowly, right in front of your eyes, then I lay them back down and all you have to do is guess where the lady is"?

"That’s easy" said the Doctor, and pointed to the middle. The man turned over the middle card revealing the queen. "The man started shouting, there you see ladies and Gentlemen, I can be beaten, roll up, roll and find the lady and win yourself a fortune, it can be done".

"Would you like to give me a chance to get my money back or maybe win yourself some more"? Said the man to the Doctor.

"Yes of course" Said the Doctor. "Don't be silly Doctor" Said Rose, angrily. "They always let you win the first time".

The Doctor just smiled and winked at Rose.

"Ok said the man, the rules are simple, even you must have caught on by now" said the man, rather rudely. "just find the lady"?

The man shuffled the three cards in front of the Doctor, Rose and the crowd which was now beginning to grow in size. He the laid them down on the table, 1 2 3.

The Doctor turned over the middle card again and the mans already pale face went paler as the Doctor revealed the Queen.

He asked the Doctor to play again. So the Doctor did and the Doctor won.

"Sir", said the street hustler, I don’t know how you’re doing this, but I want a chance to win my 10,000 credits back.

The Doctor said, "10,000 credits I’ve won 10,000 credits? Wow, that's pretty good isn’t it? You see I haven't played this game before, but it’s fun isn’t it"?

"You’ve never played this game before"? Insisted the man, now getting rather agitated.

The man then insisted that the Doctor play again double or quits?

The Doctor then tried to explain, but the man reached for a knife and laid it underneath a cloth on the table. "Double or quits"

The man proceeded to shuffle the cards, then lay them out, 1 2 3.

The Doctor picked up the third card, turned it over, again revealing the Queen.

"I believe there was talk of 20,000 credits"? Said the Doctor rather humbled. The man passed over his credits knowing that the penalty for non payment from either party is immediate elimination.

The Doctor continued to walk down through the streets with Rose skipping behind him. "How did you do that"? Rose asked with the excitement reminiscent of a child.

"Simple" replied the Doctor. You know when I showed him the Psychic paper? Well I was convincing him that we had plenty of money. Then I put it into my pocket with my left had, keeping my hand on it. Then when I turned the card, I simply willed him to believe that it was the Queen. Did you see his face"? They both laughed.

About what you said back at the TARDIS about this town being run by underground gangsters! Is that true"?

"Where-ever there's gambling you'll find some one who wants to make an easy quid. Weather it's protection, extortion, or just old fashioned cheating. Loaded dice and magnetic roulette balls are the favourite one's". "But that’s unfair" said Rose, rather naively. What about the police? Surely they can't get away with that"?

"Trouble is" said the Doctor, "when there's money of this magnitude, you'd be suppressed who turns a blind eye for a nice large bundle of credits"!’

"By the way Rose", I said we were in the year 2207"! "Well it’s more like the year 3007".

No sooner did the Doctor get out his words when a loud scream echoed through the high street.

"Now that’s more like it Rose" Said the Doctor, already starting to fidget with excitement.


They started a brisk jog, following the screams and general excitement, through the streets and out onto a family picnic area. There lay a body of a man in his mid 30’s,

totally blue in colour.

The Doctor knelt down beside the victim and took out his sonic screwdriver and changed the settings and pressed the button and ran it down and scanned the body.

"Imposable" Said the Doctor.

"What is it" Said Rose with concern in her voice.

"I'm not really sure? If I wasn’t a logical man I would have to say that deduction tells me that this is the work of a Vampire"

"A Vampire" Rose repeated rather shakily.

"I have to admit Rose, although I’ve been around for 900 years, I have too hearts and can feel the turn of the universe. Not even I know and have seen everything. That's what makes it so much fun".

"Look Rose. His body is totally drained of blood, and if you notice the neck, you'll see two small puncture marks".

"But Vampires are only a myth aren’t they"?

"I would have said yes to that question 10 minutes ago, but right now. I'm really not sure Rose".

"Ok, Ok, move along, nothing more to see here". A middle aged man walked through the crowd waving a police badge.

"Who might you be sir"? asked the policeman to the Doctor.

"OH! I'm The Doctor" Said the Doctor and took out his psychic paper and waved it around.

"Detective inspector Hargreaves" Said the inspector and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his identification. As well as his police credentials it said in large grey lettering, U.N.I.T: (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) and then he shook the Doctors hand.

"So glad to meet you Doctor! You're quite a myth yourself around the office, and here you are".

"This is Rose Tyler by the way" Said the Doctor, "my, um, assistant".

"Please to meet you Miss Tyler", the inspector held out his hand once again.

"Have you ever seen anything quite like this before Detective inspector"? asked the Doctor?

"If you would have asked me that a fortnight ago I would have probably laughed at you. But people are being found completely drained of blood nearly every morning.

They get taken to the City morgue, where they’ve disappeared again by the morning. It sounds like something from a horror film. I took the first transport from Earth 10 days ago as soon as I read the distress report from the authorities here. Between you and me, I don't think they have a clue what they're dealing with. Not that I understand things any clearer, but working for U.N.I.T. I have had some experience with strange goings on.

Detective Inspector Hargreaves pulled out a small remote from his pocket and pressed a button which scanned his thumb-print. He then pressed a series of other button and out of nowhere a flying limousine landed just in front of them.

"Cool" said Rose.

"Shall we"? Detective Inspector Hargreaves opened the back door and all three got in.

"I’ve been working for U.N.I.T for almost 25 years, five years after I made sergeant. I’ve heard the rumours about you Doctor, but I never thought I’d actually ever have the pleasure myself".

"The pleasures all mine Detective".

"Well, it’s actually Agent. The detective Inspector thing is a cover".

"Do you know this man" asked Rose"?

"Not him exactly, but I did some work for U.N.I.T. back, oh probably around 2000 years ago and about 7 regenerations ago" replied the Doctor.

"Ahh yes" said Agent Hargreaves. "Regeneration. You really are a marvel Doctor"

"Ok" said the Doctor. "As much as I love this is your life, I believe we’ve a rather nasty problem on our hands, and why are U.N.I.T. here?

"There’s a man named Remos. We believe him to be the head Vampire. If we can find him and destroy him " –

"All his slaves will return to there human form" The Doctor butted in.

"So where do we start" Asked Rose.

"I thought I’d show the Doctor the nine victims that we pulled in this morning. But we have no idea how many humans Remos has actually changed into the living dead. It’s impossible to tell. So I thought a nice little trip to the city morgue would be called for".

As they arrived at the morgue it was probably approaching noon.Agent Hargreaves got out and let the Doctor and Rose out and headed over to the large building covered in glass from top to bottom.

"Whats with all the glass" asked Rose.

"That’s not glass", replied Agent Hargreaves, "They’re solar panels. Every building in the city has them. This planet hasn’t paid for electricity for over 700 years.

"Oh yes" said Rose. "That’s right, the Doctor did explain.

"This way" said Agent Hargreaves and led them through the main doors and to the nearest lift. They entered and the Agent pressed the bottom button of the lift marked mortuary.

It took a couple of seconds for the lift to descent to the bottom floor. When it did the doors flung open and suddenly their eyes began to water.

"Hold on a second" Agent Hargreaves walked over to the dressing area and picked up 3 masks and three pairs of rubber gloves.

"Put these on. The disinfectant in this place is so strong, you can hardly breath.

Once they had adorned the masks and gloves they proceeded to follow the Agent to where the coolers were.

"Excuse me" Called a voice from somewhere. "What do you think your doing down here"?

"Detective Inspector Hargreaves" He opened his I.D. wallet and flashed it In front of the mortician. "Oh and these are my colleges. This is The Doctor and this is Rose".

"Pleased to meet you" replied the mortician. As you can imagine, we don’t get much living company down here and your mind can play tricks on you!.

"I totally understand" said the Doctor. "You can never be too careful, especially with the amount of murders you’ve been having recently".

"Right" said D.I. Hargreaves. "Can we see the first victim to the last nine I believe there are?"

"Yes, there were nine, but we had a middle aged man brought in this morning. But we’ll start from the top".

With this he made his way over to the refrigeration units that the bodies were kept in.

"This was the first" Said the mortician. "Well, that we know of" replied Agent Hargreaves.

"If you notice, each and every body have too things in common. They’re all entirely drained of blood and have two small puncture marks on their necks.

The Doctor was running his sonic screwdriver over the remains of a young girl, no older that Rose, and that made him sad. Then they moved onto a school teacher who was found in the school car park.

All the victims were exactly the same. The sonic screwdriver read the same results for all 9 of the victims that they’d examined.

"Didn’t you say there was a tenth"? the Doctor asked impatiently"?

"Oh yes" replied the mortician with jitters in his voice. This job was obviously getting to him.

He opened the refrigeration unit to reveal a tall, strong man in his early 50’s. The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the body.

"Doctor, this victim is different".

"Different? What do you mean? Different"?

"Well there is no massive blood drain and no puncture marks on or around the neck, oh and he’s half an arrow embedded in his head".

Agent Hargreaves bent down for a closer look. "Blimmey" Was all that he could muster up.

"Hand me a forest or pliers or what ever you have"? Asked the Doctor, "And hurry".

The mortician returned with a surgical forceps.

"Will this do"?

"Nicely" replied the Doctor.

"What are you doing Doctor" asked Rose. "The man’s obviously dead, what more can you do"?

"Make sure when he comes to have his family gaze upon him at his funeral, he hasn’t got an arrow sticking out of his head. Now, can I have some hush please"?

The Doctor took the instrument, changed the parameters and carefully removed the arrow from the man’s head.

The Doctor turned back to Rose and Agent Hargreaves. "Right, plan of action. Anyone"?

"A h h h h h h h h h h h h h" gasped the man in his 50’s as if he almost suffocated.

The man looked up, and pulled himself up with the help of Rose and the mortician.

"Doctor" Said the man. "Great to see you again".

"Captain" replied the Doctor.

"Captain Jack Harkness at your command sir"

Rose fainted.

"Pleased to see you Captain Jack, how have you been"?

"Good, I’m still running Torchwood in your name.

"Wait a minute. How old are you Captain"?

"2237" replied the Captain, "and looking pretty good don’t you think"?

"You look about 50" replied the Doctor. Your amazing Captain, really amazing"

"Torchwood picked up a trail of these Vamps back on earth three years ago, but their alien. There not the traditional Vampires, like in the old legends. But all the things that hurt Vampires in the stories, really hurt them.

Garlic, Holy water, crisifix, wooden steak and sunlight; And they’re strong Doctor, very strong".

After I killed their tribe on earth, I chased one of their ships back to their Mother ship and destroyed it. Destroying every living, or dying one of them. Or so I thought. Then about 10 days ago I followed a lead from U.N.I.T. saying they’d been discovered on the planet Monte Carlo, and here I am".

"Good to have you fighting by my side again Captain".

"It’s always a pleasure Doctor, always a pleasure".

"So what do you know Inspector"? asked the Doctor!

"I was probably on Earth the same time as your friend here. Oh and by the way"?

"Yes" all three of them replied.

"You were dead just now, weren’t you? How do we know that your not one of them"?

The Doctor looked at Jack, then to Rose and finally back to Agent Hargreaves.

"He’s from the planet ‘Rex-acoustic-alfresco" It’s a quaint little planet. They live for over 3oo years and literally have 9 lives. "How many is that Captain" Asked the Doctor and winked at Captain Jack.

"I’ve pretty much lost count Doctor to be honest, but I’m hoping that we’ve a couple left. After all, I still want to settle down and have a family. Once I’ve played the field a little, you understand". The Doctor and Rose laughed, but agent Hargreeves just grinned totally uaware as to the joke.

"Right" said Captain Jack, "do we have the right time?, Agent"?

"It’s just past 2pm" replied agent Hargreeves.

"OK then. Doctor, it’s November here. That means it’ll be dark by three. I say we grab some supplies and hold up in the TARDIS until we can figure out a plan of attack Sir"?

"Excellent plan Captain. I couldn’t have said it better myself".

As they left the morgue and got back into the flying limousine, Captain Jack gave the driver instructions to his ship.

When they arrived he invited them all to come aboard.

Once they walked up the platform that was extending as Captain Jack pressed the remote devise that he has on his right arm. They walked up, and through the large doors and onto the ship.

"Wow" said Rose, very smart.

"Do you remember the first ship you saw me on, back in 1939"?

Agent Hargreeves was frowning, not sure weather to believe what they were saying, or just put it down to the fact that this was the legendary Doctor, and these were his companions. That's right, he would leave it at that and felt much better.

"Do you like it Rose yeh"?

"It’s lovely Jack, really".

"It’s the sister ship to the one that you were familiar with, but it gets me from A to B, you know". Jack was smiling, and so was Rose. The Doctor was shaking his head,

"Once you two have stopped your flirting, maybe we could pick up the supplies and get to the TARDIS before night fall"?

"Right, said the Captain, lets move". With this he was filling bags with gadgets and gizmo’s and re loaded his sling with arrows for his cross-bow.

Agent Hargreeves was starting to look really nervous and the Doctor asked him what was wrong.

"It’s 10 past three. It’ll be dark in the next 10 minutes"

"Yes he’s right" said the Doctor, we’d best make a run for it.

"You wont have a chance out there after nightfall Doctor. It’s total carnage. But don’t worry, I can teleport us directly outside the TARDIS from here".

"Of course you can Captain". Well Captain Jack, lets go" mused the Doctor.

Then with that Captain Jack unstrapped the leather cover over the devise on his right arm, pressed a couple of buttons and told them all to hang on. Then before she knew it, Rose exhaled and they were back outside the TARDIS.

"Where are we, and what’s that" asked Agent Hargreeves, confused.

"That's my space ship" Smiled the Doctor.

"Space ship" repeated Agent Hargreeves. "It’s a phone box from Earth 1950’s.

"Yes it is, kind of" said the Doctor taking out the key from his pocket and inserting it into the lock and opening the door.

"Right, are we ready"? said the Doctor and walked into his ship followed by Rose and Captain Jack Harkness.

The Doctor popped his head back out and said, "are you coming in then Agent? You don’t wan’t to be out here on your own for much longer. Come on in, the water lovely" joked the Doctor.

So Agent Hargreeves walked into the phone box and couldn’t believe his eyes when he got inside. "Wow" was all he could muster.

"Isn’t she a beauty" said Captain Jack?

"She certainly is" continued the Doctor.

"If I remember my background on you Doctor, this is a time machine as well as a space craft, right"?

The Doctor nodded.

"Well, can’t we go back in time to when Remos came to Monte Carlo and stop him before he spreads his filth"?

"I’m sorry, but that just wouldn't be possible" replied the Doctor. "As soon as I land in a place I become part of the time line, and I can’t move around in that short time line in case I cause a paradox. If that happened I’d be responsible for the destruction of 2 third of the universe, and as much as I want to stop this, I’m sorry, but I just can’t risk that".

"As you put it that way Doctor, I totally understand" Agent Hargreeves seemed to have an unpleasant concerned frown upon his forehead.

Captain Jack was taking his rucksack of his shoulders and removed his overcoat. He was removing some items from his rucksack that looked like little fishing tackle boxes. The Doctor said "You haven’t"?

The Captain replied, "Yes I have sir. Three in all, I only hope they can help".

With that he opened the small containers and removed three slides from it and handed them to the Doctor who opened a lid from on the TARDIS main console and popped the slides in.

He then moved round to a keyboard on the other side of the console and up came the magnified pictures of the contaminated blood.

The Doctor put on his eyeglasses from his pocket and they all stared up at the viewer.

"Have you had chance to tudy these yourself yet Captain"?

"I haven't been able to find any labrotorys yet Doctor, what a complete piece of luck running into you! Can the TARDIS triangulate any abnormality"?

"Lot’s of abnormality I’m afraid, less are the solutions.

"Isn’t that clorophil" Rose surgested. "Somesort of advanced reversed


The Doctor lifted up his head and looked and Captain Jack who was smiling and said, "It’s a virus"

We can burn it out of them Doctor!

Part 2

"A virus sensitive to sunlight" Doctor, could we burn it out of them"? Asked Captain Jack with excitement in his voice.

"Well, let's have a little experiment". As the Doctor said this he was changing the settings on his sonic screwdriver and walking over to the console on the TADRID which contained the contaminated blood.

"Right, I’ve set my sonic screwdriver to replicate the sun. Everything from ultra-violet light to the essential vitamins that humans need to survive".

With that he the sound of the sonic screwdriver whirring was all you could hear.

All eyes were on the DNA sequence on the screen. As the Doctor held the sonic screwdriver along side the contaminated blood the DNA sequence slowly changed.

To the untrained eye, you wouldn’t have really known what was happening, apart from the huge grin that the Doctor and Captain Jack were suddenly wearing.

They all watched the screen to witness the contaminated blood change back to normal human DNA.

"A cure I believe" said the Doctor.

"A cure indeed" repeated Captain Jack.

"I don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s dark out side, and I don’t think we’ll have a chance after tonight of dragging over 300 vampires into the sunlight. And what did Rose mean about photosynthesis"?

"Well" said the Doctor. "It’s more of a reversed process. Where as plants need sunlight to live and thrive, this virus forces these creatures into the darkness to do the same. Then instead of water to live, they need blood".

"Oh right" frowned Agent Hargrove’s" glad I asked. "But changing a few drops of blood with that gadget of yours and actually dealing with the possible 300 or more vampires that are outside are two different things. How do we go about fighting them"?

"I’m a Doctor Agent, I don’t fight, and I cure".

"But how" asked Rose.

"Agent Hargreeves" The Doctor had a serious look on his face. "Tell me how these solar panels on each building work"?

"Well, they collect sunlight and turn it into power for the whole city"

"Yes Agent, " winced the Doctor. "I know how it works, all I need to know now is where? Where are the controls to the whole operation"?

"I see what you mean" replied the Agent.

"About five blocks from here is the science museum. It’s all controlled, converted and stored there".

"Brilliant." The Doctor was fidgeting with excitement now. "All we have to do now is walk five blocks with 300 vampires on our tail. Bit of a challenge wouldn’t you say Captain"?

"Wouldn’t have any other way Doctor" replied Captain Jack Harkness.

Captain Jack walked over to the supplies they had brought back from his ship.

"Right, these weapons are easy and effective.

Your bulk standard wooden steak. Punch it straight though the heart or brain and your vampire friends are ash. Holly water, it is what it says it is, but splashes it over one of the blood suckers, and watch them melt. I have four Garlic necklaces, they may smell bad, but they’ll save your life. Crosses and something I came up with myself. The Doctor has his sonic screwdriver, I have my torches. They’re modified to shine ultra-violet light. Now I’ve tried these out before. They won’t kill, but they really hate it. In fact, it seems to hurt them more than anything I’ve tried".

"Thanks Captain" said the Doctor, "as always, you’ve done great. But I want as many of these creatures left alive, where at all possible"

Agent Hargreeves frowned and said, "Alive, I thought the idea was to kill these abominations of nature"?

"That's before that Doctor found a cure" explained Rose.

"Thinks he has a cure" continued Agent Hargreeves.

"Captain, the Doctor continued. How far do you think you can take four of us with your transport"?

"I can get us pretty much outside, but not from inside the TARDIS. The TARDIFS keeps us in her on unique bubble. We’ll have to go outside".

"Then outside it is" enthused the Doctor.

The Doctor opened up the TARDIS door and had a sneak peak outside and then quickly closed the door.

"What’s the situation Doctor" asked Captain Jack.

"Oh just about 50 vampires roaming the streets out there".

"Right, Doctor, We’ve got to move fast".

Upon this all four of them walked outside and the Doctor locked the door. Captain Jack explained that they must all hold onto his time vortex manipulator on his right wrist, and they would be transported to outside the museum.

"But what ever you do, when we land, what ever the situation in, just remain calm" Captain Jack set the co-ordinates on his devise and they all grabbed on tight.

He pressed a button and a huge flash of light was seen and they disappeared.

Re-appearing outside the museum.

The Doctor and Rose were holding their heads.

"That thing hasn’t got any smoother has it" remarked the Doctor.

"Gets me from A to B sir, and that's what counts" replied the Captain and the Doctor smiled.

"Right", said the Doctor. Where are the controls to the solar panels Agent"?

"Inside Doctor, second floor" replied Agent Hargreeves.

"Ok, inside, second floor it is then" replied the Doctor.

Upon this, out of no-where flew a vampire grabbing the Agent from U.N.I.T. and biting into his neck until he fell onto the floor.

"Run" shouted the Doctor.

They all ran for the main doors to the museum, which were of course locked. The Doctor got out his sonic screwdriver and pressed up against the lock, and after a short burst of blue light and a whirring sound, the door opened. They all walked in and the Doctor locked it behind them.

"Ok then, second floor. Can you see any stairs or a lift" the Doctor asked anyone who was listening.

"Doctor" said Rose. "I think the lifts are over in the corner."

They all ran over to the lifts and pressed the recall button for all four lifts, and within a few seconds the first lift door opened. They were all about to run in when they just froze.

There was a child in the lift, with blood all around her young mouth and the body of an over weight security guard lying dead on the floor. A child no older that five or six. Seconds later another lift appeared and they all ran over, fortunately this time it was empty. The Doctor pressed the second floor button and Captain Jack took out a couple of wooden steaks and slipped then into his belt for easy access as the lift ascended to the second floor.

The door opened, and all three of the hoped out. The second floor was dark as dismal. Thunder was moving over Monte Carlo and faint flashes of lightening were illuminating the entire floor.

"Doctor" cried Rose. The control panel, it’s here.

The Doctor stared at a large panel of flashing lights and buttons.

"OK" said the Doctor. Here goes nothing"

Upon this he changed the settings to his sonic screwdriver and held it against the control panel. The blue light along with the whirring sound were soothing.

"A-ha" Said the Doctor. "The Sun always shines on T.V."

All of a sudden the building started to feel very warm, then warmer, and then hot.

Outside there were beams of light coming from each building and directed onto the streets. The whole city turned into a huge unbearably bright light, like a nuclear bomb had exploded somewhere near.

"Captain, can you beam us outside" asked the Doctor.

"No problem, just hold on". The Doctor and Rose held onto Captain Jack’s Time vortex manipulator devise and second later, they were back out on the street.

The sound of the 100’s of vampires screaming in the sunlight that had been released by the Doctor was almost over whelming.

The beams of sunlight were reflecting from vampire to vampire in a massive nuclear like explosion. As the lights began to dim slightly, the streaks quietened.

When the brightness dimmed to a gentle glow, the bodies on the street weren’t tuned to ash, but normal naked human being. Normal. The sunlight had extinguished all vampire DNA from their blood.

The Doctor jumped down six steps to where Agent hargreeves was sitting.

"Agent" said the Doctor. "Do you remember anything?"

"I remember being bitten. Doctor, stay away, I’m a vampire"

The Doctor smiles at Captain Jack and Rose and simply said, "Were a vampire Agent, but your all cured now" No one else dies today, but your going to need help for all of these people. They’re confused and dazed. They could have been vampires and feeding on blood for weeks, the withdrawal alone will be more discomfort for them all. They need to be monitored. Even though I know I destroyed the vampire DNA, they still need caring for"

"Consider it done Doctor" The Agent grabbed his cell phone and called the federal emergency services, and they arrived within minutes.

Hundreds of humans survived that day, all thanks again to the Doctor.

The scene was beautiful as the real sun rose in the western sky.

"Well that's about it I think Rose" The Doctor said.

"I can’t believe that I was very nearly a vampire".

"Never" said Captain Jack. "I wouldn’t have let it happen".

He grabbed his too friends and touched the dial on his transport devise and they appeared outside the TARDIS.

"I guess this is goodbye again Doctor"

"I’d ask you to come with me Jack, but your life is so complex, I never know when I’m going to bump into another version of you".

Captain Jack smiled, and so did Rose.

"Keep protecting the Earth Captain, I believe it’s in safe hands" Said the Doctor as he shook hands with Captain Jack Harkness.

"Goodbye Doctor"

Rose walked over and kissed Captain Jack tenderly on the cheek. "Catch you around Captain"

"Yes Ma’am" Replied Captain Jack Harkness.

The Doctor and Rose walked over to the TARDIS and the Doctor let them in. When they got to the TARDIS main control panel they both watched the screen to where Captain Jack waved and then touched his transport devise, and was gone.

The Doctor pulled a lever, pressed three buttons, cranked a chain and so was the TARDIS.